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Helping service industry employees skip the two-week pay cycle with a world class user experience.

First Impressions Are Everything

With varying and even inconsistent work schedules, employees in the service industry can’t rely on the typical two-week pay cycle. Instant offers them a simple promise: get paid immediately. Now they needed a first impression that reflected the ease of use their product promises.

Onboarding with Instant is essentially like creating a bank account, with many important requirements that must be met. The team at Instant had a robust fintech system that handled the underlying complexity of this, but Invoke was brought in as the product design and development experts: crafting a front end that is unintimidating and easy for users, while still checking off all the financial boxes in the background. This is the first impression that is needed.

An easy and intuitive experience for users that still provides thorough and detailed information for the accountants.

Learning + Challenging

The combination of Instant’s fintech expertise and Invoke’s product design and development skills proved to be a fantastic opportunity for collaboration. We challenged each other in search of the best solution for the user.

Our focus on the user started with in-restaurant testing sessions that revealed just how tedious the onboarding experience was. Every field users filled out was vital, but it became clear that our success hinged on making users think it was simpler. By breaking up the onboarding processes into distinct stages, we could reduce the user’s cognitive load and make them feel like they are in the app quicker.

A beautiful product across, iOS, Android, and desktop with interactions that feel like a native app. All from one central codebase.

The Wait Is Over

After a heuristics audit, user research, and user testing, our full redesign of the onboarding process and dashboard ensures that Instant users have proper guidance. Useful feedback and prompts encourage and reinforce users to ensure that signing up is easy and painless — no matter what their technological background is.

The front-end team at Invoke and back-end team at Instant were able to seamlessly collaborate on implementation thanks to a cutting-edge technology stack. It powers the product across iOS, Android, and desktop devices from one central codebase without sacrificing platform-specific gestures like swipes and pull-to-refresh. This gives users the feel of a native app.

Invoke has set a product design standard for Instant. By sharing our expertise and working in collaboration with their team, they are armed with the tools to maintain world-class UX as they develop their product further.

We engaged Invoke to create a world class product design for INSTANT at the early stage of our company's growth, and they delivered.
Steve BarhaCo-founder & CEO

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